N A S A D A   I   M A L E S   I   F E M A L E S   I   N E U T E R S   I   K I T T E N S   I   G A L L E R Y   I   L I N K S   I   H O M E




I have been breeding Himalayans under the name "NASADA" since 1988, at that time I bought my first CPC, only as a pet, but in a very short time I started breeding & showing.


Today I still enjoy breeding & showing, but I also enjoy working as a member of the board in the Danish cat club called "KATTEKLUBBEN" along with being a member of the national breeding counsil in the main organisation "FELIS DANICA". Itís fun to work at several levels with the same subject. I am a member of the organization called Fife.

I have always, as long back as I can remember, been taken care of cats, and at the age of 7, I found my first cat, it was a kitten born wild, but I used a lot of time and made her tame. Since then, there were always cats in my life, one way or the other.


As the years went by, I have had the pleasure of working with some first quality lines, so as Lotsapurr, Jolee, Demiara, Kiikatz, Teahs, Mountcascade, Karabel & Dragonfyre, witch I have enjoyed very much.


My intentions are to breed extreme cats, with a cute expression. I try to work for the breed, and only breed healthy kittens. I always try to learn and to make things even better. My cattery is PKD tested. I started testing July 1st 1999 and have tested all of my cats since then in several generations. Health and temper are the most important issues in my breeding program.


My kittens are, as well as the adults a part of the family, I donít cage my cats and they all have the opportunity to go about the garden and enjoy the fresh air summer and winter.

I think itís very important to socialize kittens, it gives them the opportunity to develop a nice temperament.


At the age of 12 weeks the kittens are ready to leave home, socialized, vaccinated and with health guarantee from the vet.

I only sell kittens to cageless catteries, my kittens deserves a life as family members. Inquiries are welcome at any time. Feel free to contact me any way you like with your questions. I ask for deposits to reserve a kitten and the deposits are nonrefundable. The rest of the amount is due at the age of 12 weeks.

L e n e   B a l l e

Ranunkelvej 76

8700 Horsens


(+45) 75 60 17 77

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N A S A D A   I   M A L E S   I   F E M A L E S   I   N E U T E R S   I   K I T T E N S   I   G A L L E R Y   I   L I N K S   I   H O M E